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Welcome to my stick insect website. This page was set up in mid July, 2000 to encourage more interest into the study of phasmatodea (stick insects). Stick insects make fascinating pets for people of all ages. They are easily housed, and will breed quite readily in the home. Unfortunately, out of the 2500 or so species, fewer than 100 have been bred in captivity, and less than 20 are readily available at present.

I intentionally commissioned this site, as a personal homepage, but I have received so much positive feedback, that I have tried to build it into a far more ambitious "pet project" of mine, that (i'm sure) will one day contain all that there is to know about this most fascinating species of insect. The picture gallery showcases hundreds of insects with descriptions, so please begin your tour of the site by taking the time to familiarise yourself with the appearance of each insect, along with its scientific name.

Gareth Price, founder

Lamponius Guerini ©2001 Tony Bates Eurycantha Calcarata ©2001 Tony Bates Extatosoma Tiaratum ©2001 Tony Bates
June 2001
Site undergone its final redesign and i'm finally happy with the outcome. The previous interfaces were too bandwidth heavy and graphics intensive! I'm a minimalist at heart, so I guess this design suits me right down to the ground. I just hope my visitors feel the same way!

May 2001
Removed version 2.0 of the site from the application server - it just didn't suit this type of website. Over the next few months I neglected the site and came back to it with some new ideas. All of the information that I had collected is safe, and it's constantly growing, so this time (god willing) this site will actually get finished!

April 2001
I've just obtained some more livestock, that has once again sparked my interest in the website. I really hate that dated "green" colour scheme I had going on. I really think the site is in need of an overhaul - this could get messy!

March 2001
Well my E.T'S that have been in incubation for about six months now have hatched! Crazy little guys, but just the
one female! (Strange because sexual reproduction usually inccurs a 50:50 male to female ratio). Still, best be happy with what we've got eh? Still thinking about that darn website though. I thought about doing a redesign.

February 2001
Removed Phasma UK from the servers. This site was influenced by
commercial insect pages and came across as rather "cheesy." Anyway, that's the end of that! I'm moving the stick insect page to a tripod server, as this will give me more space to upload photographs.

January 2001
Getting ready to say goodbye to Phasma UK. Sure it's had plenty of visitors, but it just doesn't seem
loyal to stick insect fans, being on such a large scale. My problem is that I was perhaps too ambitious. Anyway, i've already drawn up the plans for a version 2.0 which I think will soon supercede the current version. Version 2 should have an extended gallery section and an articles section that will soon cover every aspect of stick insect care.

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